Addepar – The Ultimate Financial Operating System

A number of our writers here at Nanalyze come from finance backgrounds and some even have MBAs. This means we often need to speak very slowly when we try our best to deprogram them from using all the nomenclature that was etched in their brains during those dreadful CFA exams. While people who work in finance want you […]

5 Palantir Acquisitions – A Closer Look

In a recent article we highlighted Palantir Technologies, the fourth highest valued private company today and the most revered “big data” player out there. In that article, we listed out 5 companies that Palantir has acquired over the last 3 years or so: Let’s take a closer look at each of these 5 companies starting with their […]

Palantir Technologies: The First Big Data Stock to IPO?

Perhaps no other technology term has seen a more exaggerated use recently than “big data” . Whatever happened to “data mining” and “data warehouses”? Aren’t those pretty much the same thing? Not really. A data warehouse is a massive structure of connected databases and schemas which you then query using “data mining” tools to learn […]