Opioid Epidemic

6 Substance Abuse Apps Helping Us Battle Addictions

We talked before about the Johari window which looks at “how you think other people see you” and compares that to “how people actually see you.” Americans may not realize that foreigners do take notice of how many pills we’re popping over here. There’s literally a pill for everything, and it’s no surprise that the country […]

Trading The Crackdown on Opioid Companies

Back in August 2017, we published an article on How to Make Money off America’s Opioid Epidemic which looked at the major players in legal opioids. At least a few of them were selling legal Fentanyl – you know, that extremely dangerous drug you keep hearing about on the news these days. In our article, we cited […]

How to Make Money off America’s Opioid Epidemic

If the title of this article made you a bit uncomfortable, it certainly should. The amount of prescription pain killers used by Americans is beyond staggering. According to an article by CNBC, “80 percent of the global opioid supply is consumed in the United States” and in 2015 “300 million pain prescriptions were written” totaling […]