More About the World’s Largest Nano Company OCSiAl

In a previous article, we highlighted the acquisition of Zyvex Technologies by OCSiAl in what was said to be the creation of the world’s largest nanotechnology company. While our previous article looked into more details about Zyvex, this article will examine the acquiring company, OCSiAl. About OCSiAl While not winning any awards for catchiest company name, OCSiAl was started in […]

The World’s Oldest and Biggest Nanotechnology Company

When George W. Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act in 2003, it wasn’t too long after that before investors began driving up the price of any stock that contained any variation of the word nanotechnology. In a previous article, we highlighted 6 companies that used the hype surrounding nanotechnology to burn […]