Natural Language Generation

The Echo Chamber of AI and Online Marketing

It seems like there’s a lot of new terminology being thrown around these days by people who may not really know what some of these new words actually mean. When they use these words in an ironic manner without realizing it, the rest of us have a good laugh. It’s kind of along the same lines […]

7 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Recruiting

Nanalyze prides itself in providing you with objective analyses of technology and the companies that are at the forefront of developing all of this cool, disruptive tech. But we’re not without our biases. For example, you may detect a certain amount of disdain when we talk about companies or jobs that we feel don’t offer […]

Narrative Science Employs Natural Language Generation

If you’ve spent much time on Nanalyze, you know that we’re passionate about technology and believe that we’re living in the most exciting times in history. We’re talking cure-for-cancer and sending-humans-to-Mars territory here. Our job is to keep you up-to-date about these changes in a variety of fields, so you can make informed financial decisions […]