Nano Batteries

Energy Power Systems and the Stop Start Battery

If you own a car that turns itself off when you’re idling, then you already know what a stop-start battery is. A stop-start battery system simply shuts down the engine in a vehicle when it begins to idle and then restarts the engine when the clutch or gas pedal is pressed. What are the benefits […]

Zap&Go: A Graphene Supercapacitor for Mobile Phones

As we highlighted in a recent article, with all the promises of graphene being the next super material to enable a host of disruptive technologies, the actual commercialization of graphene products seems to be progressing at a snail’s pace. However, one graphene enabled product we came across recently from a startup called Zapgocharger seems to […]

Nano Enabled Silicon Anodes from Nexeon

According to Frost & Sullivan, the global lithium-ion market in 2012 was $11.7 billion and that number is expected to double by 2016. A report by Taiyou Research expects that number to cross $30 billion by 2020. Moving forward, expansion is likely to include electric vehicles and stationary storage applications. The below charts break down the […]