Myriad Genetics

myRisk: Test Yourself for 8 Hereditary Cancers

In a recent article, we discussed a hereditary breast cancer test for women called the BRACAnalysis. Statistically, it seems that the majority of women would not benefit from taking this test. The BRACAnalysis genetic test is the leading revenue stream for the company that sells it, Myriad Genetics (NASDAQ:MYGN), but has been sharply decreasing over […]

Should Women Take the BRACAnalysis Test?

In previous articles, we discussed cancer testing companies such as Raindance Technologies and Sysmex Inostics that can help identify cancer at the earliest stages in order to allow for early treatment. Other companies like Foundation Medicine can interrogate the entire coding sequence of 236 cancer-related genes which will allow a physician to create personalized cancer treatments for […]