Mobile Robotic Telepresence

Investing in Consumer Robotics with iRobot (IRBT)

In a recent article, we highlighted a mobile robotic telepresence (MRT) company called Double Robotics which is addressing a niche application of robotics called “mobile robotic telepresence” or MRT. MRT is one of the two niche applications for robotics that falls under the “consumer business” segment, the other being home cleaning and maintenance. One publicly-traded company that all but […]

Double Robotics Puts Robots in Your Office

Robots are probably the most pervasive futuristic technology portrayed in science fiction. The general public probably thinks of robot applications today in the form of machines that build cars, receptionists at offices in Japan, automatic vacuum cleaners, Indian call center agents, and even drones. However, the potential applications for intelligent machines that can do things […]