Mental Health

10 Telepsychiatry Companies For Your Mental Health

It’s the 20th anniversary of perhaps the greatest piece of television ever recorded – The Sopranos. It was such a realistic depiction of the mob that the real mob members thought that the show’s creators were talking to someone actually in the mob. The premise of the show is that the mob boss, Tony Soprano, […]

10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health

Mental illnesses affect 15.5% of the global population. They’re the leading cause of disability-adjusted life years, accounting for 37% of healthy years lost from non-communicable diseases. Even worse, mental health conditions are on the rise, with some estimates putting the costs to the global economy up to $16 trillion between 2010 and 2030 if global healthcare systems […]

What is Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Last year’s trend in Apple’s App Store was the rise of self-care apps, a phenomenon that’s in part fueled by the fact that mental disorders are on the rise. This is not because we’re all becoming a bunch of spineless pansies that can’t cope with the stress of all the first-world problems being thrown at us every […]

When Will There Ever Be a Cure for Autism?

One of the problems with Hollywood, aside from the fact that it’s full of people who make a living pretending to be someone they’re not, is that it shapes the way that people see the world. When a movie comes out that features a topic that most people don’t know much about, suddenly that’s their […]

How To Go About Treating Schizophrenia

As the Nanalyze brand continues to grow, the number of daily inquiries we get continues to rise. Every day, our lovely readers take time out of their busy schedules to ask us to do things for them. There is Catherine out of Texas who says, “interested in car rental.” That’s literally all she said in her email, […]

How to Make Money off America’s Opioid Epidemic

If the title of this article made you a bit uncomfortable, it certainly should. The amount of prescription pain killers used by Americans is beyond staggering. According to an article by CNBC, “80 percent of the global opioid supply is consumed in the United States” and in 2015 “300 million pain prescriptions were written” totaling […]

15 Virtual Reality Startups in Healthcare

Virtual reality (VR) is usually associated with gaming — you put on a headset and step into a virtual world where you can solve puzzles, slay enemies or gain experience. While we were simply floored by how amazing it was to play games in VR, everyone else just shrugged and went back to arguing about […]

Brain Computer Interface: The End of Keyboards & Mice?

It was when we tried virtual reality (VR) for the first time that we realized our method of controlling computers is likely to change. When you realize your VR headset is acting as a pointer in virtual reality, and you begin using your head like a mouse without even thinking about it, you start to grasp that […]

Big Data Boon for Mental Health Services

We’re going to dispense with the clever leads for this story on big data and mental health and throw a few hard facts at you: Nearly 20 percent of adults—more than 40 million people—in the United States experienced a mental health issue in 2015, according to the National Institutes of Health. The World Health Organization […]

Artificial Intelligence For Early Alzheimer’s Detection

A handful of startups are employing artificial intelligence technologies and big data in an attempt to diagnose dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. The effort could lead to better interventions and even therapeutic drugs if it becomes possible to detect cognitive decline before it really starts. The benefits to society – not to mention market potential – […]