The State of Marijuana in California for 2016

So as it turns out, some of our journalists are out there in the field this week doing some more boots-on-the-ground research in the Pacific Northwest on the commercial “marijuana industry“. We’re finding it quite hard to wrap our heads around this thing from the perspective of investors. No, we’re not talking about the 57 marijuana […]

Invest in a Cool Cannabis Tech Startup

A few weeks we wrote probably the most useful article we’ve ever written titled “How to Buy Marijuana Stocks for Dummies“. We know it is our most useful article because at least a few times a day, we send a link to that article in response to the question “how can I buy marijuana stocks“. Interest […]

How to Buy Marijuana Stocks for Dummies

Since we published our first article on cannabis investing back in January of 2016, we’ve been simply floored by the overwhelming interest from the general public in “how to buy marijuana stocks”. Seriously, that’s the question that we get asked almost daily now. How can I buy marijuana stocks? The short answer is, you need to […]

11 Marijuana Stocks That Claim To Be Growing Weed

While recreational and medical marijuana is not one of the 30 emerging technologies we cover here at Nanalyze, it’s a hot topic right now with our lovely readers. Our article on 57 marijuana stocks to invest in (or not) has topped 8,000 shares and our article on medical marijuana pharma stocks has been quite popular as […]

The First Cannabis IPO in the U.S. Was Just Approved

Our last article on 57 marijuana stocks was a big hit and we felt good about spreading the message that out of those 57 stocks, the majority are just over-the-counter (OTC) trash. The opportunities we’re seeing are the big Canadian growers like Canopy Growth and Aphria and also the private companies that are making good […]

A List of 57 Marijuana Stocks to Invest In – Or Not

Marijuana stocks have been on a tear lately, which may explain why our recent articles on Canopy Growth Corp (CGC) and Aphria (APH) have been some of the most popular so far this year. There’s clearly some “there” there and since we exist to serve the interests of our readers, we decided to get it all out […]

A Cannabis Stock that Sells the Cheapest Weed

With this past week’s legalization of recreational cannabis in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada, investors are starting to perk their ears up when it comes to cannabis stocks. With all the historical taboos associated with cannabis, institutional investors are scared to dip their toes in the water here which means good information on this investment […]

The Only Marijuana Stock to Buy That Isn’t Going to Pot

We just saw this morning that cannabis investor Privateer Holdings has taken in an additional $40 million in funding for investing in the increasing legalization of marijuana. Legal cannabis sales are expected to hit over $6 billion this year and are expected to approach $22 billion by 2020. This had us thinking, is there any good […]

WARNING – Don’t Buy Cannabis Stocks!

In a recent article titled “No to Marijuana Stocks, Yes to Weed Investing“, we advised investors to stay well clear of any over-the-counter (OTC) “cannabis stocks” as they are most likely all scams. Don’t believe us? Even FINRA warned specifically against investing in OTC cannabis stocks: Marijuana Stock Scams Update: In early January 2014, new […]