Marijuana Stocks

Green Growth Brands Stock + Aphria Stock = ?

When we approach any particular investment opportunity, we try not to get too overwhelmed by the marketing spin and focus purely on what common sense tells us about what we see. When it comes to investing in marijuana stocks, you really need to try to avoid spin. Fortunately, we have unique insights into this space because […]

The Best Marijuana Penny Stock Doesn’t Exist

Over the past five years we’ve been writing about disruptive technologies – or in the case of marijuana, disruptive investment themes – we’ve moved away from covering over-the-counter (OTC) companies which are commonly referred to as “penny stocks.” To be clear, the one and only reason we ever “covered” OTC stocks was to warn investors […]

Cronos Group Stock – What You Need to Know

As retail investors, we don’t have the resources needed to thoroughly analyze every investment we make. Realize that there are professionals who dedicate their entire lives analyzing a particular niche of investments, and they largely get it wrong based on the fact that 80% of investment managers can’t outperform a market benchmark. Still, it pays to […]

Hexo Corp Stock – What You Need to Know

“‘Mispriced’ Pot Stock Hexo Looks to New York to Boost Profile,” read the title of an article by Bloomberg just a few weeks ago. What this really means is that the stakeholders over at Hexo aren’t too happy that Hexo Corp stock hasn’t achieved the sky-high valuations that their competitors have. If indeed there is […]

Investing in Marijuana Growing Technologies

Who would have thought that in some U.S. States, there are now as many varieties of marijuana to choose from as there are fast food outlets for lunch. It somewhat pains those of us who remember what things used to be like. Back in the day, there was usually only one strain per dealer. Sometimes the […]

Buying Marijuana Stocks in 2018 – Is it Too Late?

It was January of 2016 when we coined our first article on the marijuana investment theme, and since then things have blown up. The amount of interest we have had from first-time retail investors who want to buy marijuana stocks has far exceeded any other technology-related investment themes we cover here on Nanalyze. Part of […]

Tilray IPO Offers U.S. Investors New Cannabis Stock

The world is going to pot. Or, more specifically, the whole world seems to be smoking it. Last month, Canada legalized recreational marijuana, setting Oct. 17 as the first day for sales. That makes our great neighbor to the north only the second country in the world to completely legalize it, following Uruguay. The African […]

A Cannabis IPO From The Green Organic Dutchman

For the most part, we receive nothing but positive feedback about our articles, and that’s because most of us have MBAs and we’re not afraid to use them. However on occasion, we do piss people off. Usually its because of something we said about John in Mumbai, or Chinese people who speak Engrish, but recently […]

10 New Canadian Marijuana Stocks Added to HMMJ

We never cease to be amazed by the number of people who suddenly want to dabble in the stock market now that “marijuana stocks” have become a thing. Many of these well-intentioned folks will have never invested until now, so we always like to use this as an opportunity to educate. You do not get […]

The First Cannabis Stock to Trade on the Nasdaq

There seem to be a lot of first happening in the cannabis investing space lately. People aren’t even willing to wait 50 days until 4/20 arrives so we can all have a good snicker about how clever their timing was. The first big event to take place last month was the emergence of a cannabis […]