Machine Learning

Cybersecurity Startup CrowdStrike Joins Unicorn Club

Nothing like worldwide cyber-attacks and a computer hack into a major political party’s servers to motivate investors. We’re not suggesting that cybersecurity startup CrowdStrike didn’t earn its entry this month into the vaunted Unicorn Club with hard work, but the recent uptick in cyberwarfare is certainly good for the bottom line. Apparently paranoia won’t just […]

Questioning the “Machine Learning” Label

Whenever there is a new and exciting technology, companies always seem to jump on the hype train in order to create more interest in their core business. The most memorable example of this would be the “dot-com era”, and now we’re starting to see the same sort of behavior in artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve talked before about […]

Darktrace Creates Enterprise Immune System Using AI

It seems like every other day there is news of some massive security breach resulting in people’s login credentials being scattered all over the digital universe usually accompanied by embarrassing mea culpa statements issued by company executives promising they will “try to do better”. Is it really that difficult to keep things secure? As it […]

AI Fintech Startups Offer Loans on New Credit

Last month we told you about a fintech startup called DemystData that uses reams of information from various sources—big data—to generate a different type of credit score for 21st century borrowing. It’s a new wrinkle in the digital lender landscape that’s currently led by companies like Lending Club and Prosper. We also said it was […]

Blue Yonder Uses AI to Optimize Inventory, Pricing

What do high-energy physics and retail supply chains have in common? The heck if we know. But a German company called Blue Yonder, founded by a scientist who worked at Europe’s giant particle laboratory CERN, is using big data and artificial intelligence to help retailers optimize inventory and product pricing in impressive ways. Founded in […]

6 AI Cybersecurity Startups Keeping You Safe

The war between machines won’t likely be fought across some bomb-blasted hell-scape, with humans scuttling about like roaches trying to avoid being squashed. Rather, machines will fight it out over fiber optic connections, with the battleground being computer servers and laptops containing valuable information. You’ll recall that monochromatic pantsuits weren’t Hilary Clinton’s only problem: Russia […]

Moogsoft – Machine Learning Takes Over IT Operations

If you work in a corporation where your job involves sitting in front of a keyboard all day, you probably have your own version of an “IT Helpdesk” that most likely drives you absolutely nuts. IT Helpdesk is your resource for rectifying any computer related issues you might have because the “local IT support” team […]

Cloudera – What Would You Say, You Do Here?

About one year ago, we highlighted 14 big data companies worth $1 billion or more. At the top of that list was Cloudera. In our article last week on data science and predictive analytics startups, we speculated that the data theme was heating up because a data company called Alteryx (NYSE:AYX) had a successful IPO. Now that […]

10 Venture Capital Databases for Startup Data

We do a lot of research on startup companies here at Nanalyze. (You should see the callouses on our click-and-drag index fingers.) Finding the latest and greatest startup data on private companies isn’t easy. As great and powerful as Google may be, getting 13 million results on a data search for “xyz startup” isn’t as helpful as it […]