Lithium Ion Batteries

7 Startups Looking to Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

While everyone is running around like mad looking for cartoon creatures, their cell phone batteries are starting to take a toll. If we can’t develop cell phones with sufficient battery life that will allow us to run around capturing mythical cartoon creatures for hours on end, then what is this world coming to? The “Pokémon Go […]

19 Lithium Junior Mining Stocks

One of our most popular articles lately has been one we published in August 2015 titled “Don’t Invest in Lithium Mining Companies“. The reason this article has become quite popular lately can be attributed to the below graph from Google Trends that shows people’s interest in lithium mining based on their searches: As you can see […]

Sakti3’s Solid State Lithium Batteries

Energy storage is a hot topic among investors these days. From electric cars to solar energy storage, some of today’s most disruptive technologies are being held back by archaic battery technologies. Take basic lithium-ion batteries for example, which haven’t changed dramatically since Sony first introduced them to consumers in 1991. The technology itself isn’t going […]

The Likely Provider of Lithium for Tesla’s Gigafactory

We recently wrote an article titled “Don’t Invest in Lithium Mining Companies” and a number of our lovely readers commented that some lithium junior mining companies are of interest because “Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) needs lots of lithium for their gigafactory”. This is a fair conclusion to arrive at, but not too probable given what we know. Are […]

Don’t Invest in Lithium Mining Companies

The investing premise is quite simple. Lithium batteries are here to stay with Tesla working alongside Panasonic to build the “Gigafactory” which will be the biggest lithium battery factory in the world. We’ve looked at many promising startups in the lithium battery space that are looking to improve upon existing technology such as Nexeon or […]

5 Lithium-Ion Battery Startup Companies

Energy storage has been a hot topic lately. While there are many forms of energy storage, the one we might be most familiar with is lithium-ion battery technology. All those smartphones you see around wouldn’t be here were it not for lithium-ion batteries. Perhaps the most visible user of lithium-ion batteries these days is Tesla […]

All About Tesla Energy and the Powerwall Battery

There’s no denying that Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has established that certain “cool factor” that companies like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have managed to attain among their consumer/investor/fan base. In an article last year on Protean Electric’s in-wheel electric motor, we expounded on just how “cool” the Tesla Model S actually is. This stylish electric all-wheel drive with a […]

Nano Enabled Silicon Anodes from Nexeon

According to Frost & Sullivan, the global lithium-ion market in 2012 was $11.7 billion and that number is expected to double by 2016. A report by Taiyou Research expects that number to cross $30 billion by 2020. Moving forward, expansion is likely to include electric vehicles and stationary storage applications. The below charts break down the […]

Does Your Smartphone Already Have an Amprius Battery?

By December 2013, 1.4 billion smartphones were in use globally or about one smartphone for every five people in the world. Smartphone sales grew by an astonishing 44% in 2012 and yet still, grew 44% more in 2013. According to our reader usage statistics here at Nanalyze, there’s a 15% chance you’re reading this article […]