Life Sciences

5 FemTech Startups that are Smashing the Patriarchy

Today we find ourselves at the end of “National Women’s Month” and we haven’t even managed to send our readers any self-congratulatory comments about how much we support diversity and women in technology. Now it might surprise you to know that we have a +81% male audience here at Nanalyze. That’s actually a far better […]

Big Data Boon for Mental Health Services

We’re going to dispense with the clever leads for this story on big data and mental health and throw a few hard facts at you: Nearly 20 percent of adults—more than 40 million people—in the United States experienced a mental health issue in 2015, according to the National Institutes of Health. The World Health Organization […]

Artificial Intelligence For Early Alzheimer’s Detection

A handful of startups are employing artificial intelligence technologies and big data in an attempt to diagnose dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. The effort could lead to better interventions and even therapeutic drugs if it becomes possible to detect cognitive decline before it really starts. The benefits to society – not to mention market potential – […]

The Microbiome Defined and Understood Using A.I.

Some terminology just doesn’t sound that exciting. Take the term microbiome. If you didn’t know what the word “microbiome” meant, you wouldn’t be chastised for thinking that it’s just some boring medical terminology that when explained to you, you’d be none the wiser for knowing. As we found out, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve […]

7 Genetic Fitness DNA Testing Companies

As the cost of genome sequencing continues to plummet, genetic testing will become more and more a part of our lives including genetic fitness testing. Illumina is sinking $100 million into creating the world’s largest DNA database which they hope will enable a “sequence once, test often” approach where your DNA info stays nice and […]

A Cancer Genetics IPO From Accelerated Pharma

When we talk about cancer genetics, there are a lot of directions we can take so we need to define this broad topic. Firstly, it’s important to understand that cancer itself is a genetic disorder. What happens with cancer is that certain genetic mutations cause cells to start replicating uncontrollably resulting in tumors. How do […]

Illumina Stock Price Says Buy Me Now!

Illumina stock (NASDAQ:ILMN) represents a picks and shovels play on some of the most exciting disruptive technologies we discuss here on Nanalyze like genetic testing, synthetic biology, gene editing, and pretty much each and every technology theme that involves analyzing genes. That isn’t even the most compelling reason to want to invest in Illumina. We’ve talked before about their […]

Globus Medical – A Future Medical Robot Stock?

With artificial intelligence and robotics coming of age, there are all kinds of applications in the medical industry that lend themselves to these technologies. Using robots for surgery is one possible application, and we recently wrote about 10 medical robot companies working in this space. We also pointed out a small pure-play stock called Mazor […]