Laboratory Automation

Omnicell Stock: Investing in Automated Pharmacy Tech

Those of a certain age may remember actor Matt Dillon’s greatest performance of his career as a drug addict who, with his drug-addled gang, busted into pharmacies to get a fix and make some cash. “Drugstore Cowboy” came out in 1989, but what the medical industry euphemistically calls “medication loss due to drug diversion” is […]

The Future of Life Sciences is Laboratory Automation

“If it flies, floats, or fornicates, always rent it. It’s cheaper in the long run.” That’s one of the many gems of wisdom you’ll find in the book How to Get Rich by U.K. entrepreneur Felix Dennis. If he were alive today, Mr. Dennis might add lab equipment to the list of things that should […]

When Did Organs-on-a-Chip Become Human-on-a-Chip?

Drug discovery is one of the keystone themes we cover on Nanalyze, and we’re not just talking about finding new cannabis dispensaries in the smoking Pacific Northwest. Creating novel medicines from scratch to treat disease isn’t cheap. A study published this year calculated it costs an average of $1.3 billion to develop a new drug […]

Techion’s Microscope in The Cloud for Parasites

Parasites are unique in that they infect a living organism in order to get a free ride through life at the expense of the host. Like today’s modern-day millennial, parasites are careful not to disrupt the equilibrium too much so that they’re not kicked out and forced to fend for themselves. Since parasites consume nutrients […]

Laboratory Automation – Robots for Life Scientists

When we first read about the incredible potential of nanotechnology as described in Engines of Creation, the only thing we could think of was how to invest in it. The potential for molecular machines or “nanobots” that could be programmed to do just about anything sounded limitless, and we wanted in on the ground floor […]

Emerald Therapeutics: A Robotic Laboratory in the Cloud

While there are enough Steve Jobs sycophants to go around these days, the fact is that he was an incredibly difficult person to work with and made as many enemies as he did friends. Love him or hate him, the man was a visionary who once said that “the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be at the intersection of […]