Algae Company Joule Merges with Red Rock Biofuels

Imagine being able to use synthetic biology to create a genetically altered organism that uses the sun’s energy to literally sweat ethanol or hydrocarbon fuels. Joule, a company we first wrote about just over 2 years ago, has created such an organism which they are still working to commercialize. Just last week, Joule announced that they have merged […]

3 of Synthetic Biology’s Failing Biofuel Stocks

Synthetic biology is exciting, make no mistake. The first alien life form or “designer organism” was created by Craig Venter in 2010 and now Mr. Venter, a synthetic biology pioneer, is looking to increase human longevity. Another exciting synbio company is Intrexon (XON) with their synthetic biology design platform that can be used to create apples that don’t […]

Generating Joules with Sunlight and Water

Recently, biofuels have increased in popularity because of rising oil prices and the need for energy security. The International Energy Agency has set a goal for biofuels to meet more than a quarter of world demand for transportation fuels by 2050 in order to reduce our dependence on petroleum and coal. One issue with producing traditional biofuels cost […]