IT Operations

Splunk Stock is Falling Along With Revenues. Why?

No matter how hard we try to follow best practices – diversify, don’t try to time the markets, use dollar cost averaging – we always find ourselves reverting back to bad habits. Of the 32 positions we’re holding right now, two of them we engaged in a bit of market timing on – Alteryx (AYX) […]

A Data-to-Everything Platform Powered by AI

“The most arrogant thing an investor can do is to stock-pick,” was the title of an article by MarketWatch which suggested that purchasing any one stock implies the price is too low and every other person on the face of the planet thinks otherwise. According to the efficient market hypothesis, all available information should already be priced into any […]

Moogsoft – Machine Learning Takes Over IT Operations

If you work in a corporation where your job involves sitting in front of a keyboard all day, you probably have your own version of an “IT Helpdesk” that most likely drives you absolutely nuts. IT Helpdesk is your resource for rectifying any computer related issues you might have because the “local IT support” team […]