8 Israeli Alternative Protein Startups

The global demand for meat is expected to jump 70% by 2050 as the population grows to roughly 9.6 billion people. As expected, the bulk of the burden will be on widely consumed protein sources like fish, beef, and chicken. With the possibility of running out of resources and the strain caused by the production of these […]

The Current State of Weed in Israel

It’s a well-known fact that Israel is the unofficial startup capital of the world. There are nearly 6,000 startups in a country of about 8.5 million people, roughly the same population as New York City. What you may not know is that Israel is also the unofficial capital of cannabis research on the planet and […]

8 Israeli AR/VR Startups Reshaping the World

Our readers have been particularly interested in our recent coverage of Israeli startups, with big social media shares on our top 10 lists of Israel’s biggest funded startups and artificial intelligence startups. So this article brings together some of our favorite topics—God’s Chosen People, Israeli startups, CB Insights and augmented reality/virtual reality technology. The bright minds at […]

The Top 10 Israeli Artificial Intelligence Startups

Israel is a country full of history, which is why they have more museums per capita than any other country. They also have the oldest continuously used cemetery in the world and the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Hearing that, you’d think that not a whole lot has changed over the years, but […]

The Top-10 Biggest Startups in Israel by Funding

With a population that’s just 2.64% the size of the U.S., Israel has made quite a name for itself by building one of the most technologically advanced military forces in the world. According to an article by the New York Post earlier this year, Israel is one of the world’s top weapons exporters with approximately $6.5 […]