IoT Security

7 Stadium Technologies for Smart Sports Stadiums

Here you are, facing a tough choice, at least if you belong to the 37% of Americans who are avid football fans. Your bestest buddy just got a couple of tickets for the big game. Your favorite drinking partner and your No. 1 team – what could go wrong? Plenty, as it turns out. Attending […]

8 Startups Designing Smart Home Devices

Remember the days when the height of high-tech in the home was a 1980s device called The Clapper. Chant it with us, “Clap on. Clap off. The Clapper!” Now, of course, it seems so quaint. The Internet of Things—the inexorable push to connect all the devices in our lives from sprinkler systems to thermostats to […]

19 Internet of Things IoT Security Startups

The recent DDoS attacks that were all over the news turned out to be caused by amateur hackers that used Internet of Things (IoT) devices to attack a company that provided key services to many popular websites. We talked about DDoS protection software as a possible solution but the real problem is that there are many […]