Invest in Gene Editing or Synthetic Biology?

The big news this past week was something so significant and remarkable that it should have been the topic of conversation at every water cooler everywhere. While Microsoft’s AI bot tweeted out racial insults to anyone that would listen, and the circus of U.S. presidential election candidates exchanged even more schoolyard insults, a genius named Craig Venter […]

7 Synthetic Biology Companies to Invest In

When it comes to promising disruptive technologies, synthetic biology has to be in the top-5. The ability to create artificial living organisms that perform a wide range of useful tasks is an incredibly powerful thing. Perhaps the most talked-about synthetic biology stock right now is Intrexon (NYSE:XON) and with a market cap today of over $4.93 billion, […]

Intrexon’s Genetically Modified Insect Acquisition

We’ve written quite a few articles about synthetic biology stock Intrexon (NYSE:XON) which has performed strongly since their IPO returning +68% to date. Recently though, XON hasn’t performed well with the stock now down -25% in the past five days and down -15% in yesterday’s trading session on the back of their first-half 2015 results. […]

What to do with your Ziopharm (ZIOP) shares

We have published quite a few articles about Intrexon (NYSE:XON) since their IPO in August 2013 because they are a major contender in the area of synthetic biology with a founder who has a proven track record of building and selling multi-billion dollar biotech companies. Since the IPO, it’s just been an interesting company to watch […]

Intrexon Aquires an Arctic Apple That Doesn’t Brown

We’ve written about Intrexon (NYSE:XON) before, a synthetic biology company that’s diversifying their technology across a broad number of industry applications with some that are remarkable such as cloning your pet or creating modified bacteria that can produce therapeutic proteins when they enter your digestive tract. This month saw Intrexon breaking new highs trading up […]

Intrexon Acquires Therapeutic Protein Biofactories

Synthetic biology, while perhaps a bit controversial, is truly an exciting field. In past articles, we’ve highlighted Intrexon (NYSE:XON), a synthetic biology IPO which debuted in 2013 led by successful biotech entrepreneur Randal Kirk. Since that IPO, Intrexon has been doing some interesting things including the acquisition of Trans Ova Genetics which may well lead to the ability […]

Intrexon Can Now Clone Your Pet

Just over a year ago, we wrote an article about a synthetic biology company, Intrexon (NYSE:XON), that had just had an IPO the month prior. Highly successful biotech entrepreneur, Randall Kirk the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intrexon, has described Intrexon’s synthetic biology platform as “the best thing he’s seen as a biotech investor in 27 years”. Randall […]

Intrexon Bets on Lantibiotics with Oragenics

In earlier articles we discussed synthetic biology and the recent IPO of Intrexon. Intrexon (NYSE:XON) has a unique “intel inside” business model in which they license their technology to various companies through “exclusive channel collaborations” (ECCs) that often involve Intrexon acquiring a stake in the counter party company. Yesterday, Intrexon filed an 8-K defining an ECC agreement […]

Skin Rejuvenation from Fibrocell (FCSC)

In an earlier post titled “A Strong Synthetic Biology IPO by Intrexon“, we discussed Intrexon’s business model of licensing their intellectual property to various companies through the use of “exclusive channel collaborations”. One of the companies licensing synthetic biology technology from Intrexon is Fibrocell, a company developing skin rejuvenation product candidates. About Fibrocell Founded in 1995, […]

A Strong Synthetic Biology IPO by Intrexon

In an earlier article titled “What is synthetic biology” we discussed the promising future of a disruptive technology that could potentially revolutionize life as we know it. One company that claims to be a leader in synthetic biology, Intrexon, just had an IPO last month. About Intrexon With a net worth of 2.4 billion from the […]