Internet of Things

A High-Tech Burger Joint of the Future

We at Nanalyze love to speculate about what the future is going to look like. We envision highways filled with self-driving cars. Surgeons implanting organs that have been 3D printed.  Machines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to discover a cure for cancer. It’s all mind-blowing, world-changing isht. But you’ve got to eat at some point. […]

10 Connected Car Technology Startups

Right now the world is in the midst of the Internet-of-Everything revolution. Our TVs, refrigerators, and thermostats offer internet-connected features that range in their usefulness. It comes as no surprise that internet-connected cars and devices are surging in popularity – but there are some better reasons to seek connectivity in a car than there is in […]

9 Auto Tech Startups with Cool Stuff for Your Ride

With most the auto tech talk being about autonomous cars, we’re becoming a bit concerned that we may be moving towards a society that discourages humans from driving. We previously hypothesized about an autonomous taxi company that could get almost constant utilization from vehicles as opposed to the 5% current utilization of your average car. […]

6 Startups Solving First World Problems

If you’re not familiar with first world problems, they’re things that we consider “problems” that most people wouldn’t. When we say “most people”, what we are referring to are the 38% of the people living on this planet that live on less than $2 a day. With that in mind, please consider some of these […]

10 Home Security Startups for Investors to Watch

We’ve talked before about how the “Internet of Things” or IoT is the notion that everything around us will talk to the cloud, or at least be connected and talk to the cloud occasionally. This includes all the things we own. One of the largest investments most will make in their lives is their investment […]

Is Machine to Machine Communication (M2M) Dead?

The Internet of Things or IoT is this notion that everything around us is connected and intelligent. Your coffee maker talks to the cloud which in turn tells it when to start brewing coffee based on when your alarm clock (which also talks to the cloud) is set. But what if your alarm clock just […]

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles – How Far Away Are We?

The flying car has been a staple in sci-fi literature for nearly a century now, and it appears we might be on the cusp of making those fantasies a reality. Earlier this year, we wrote about the 9 companies that are developing their own flying cars. With the recent rise in popularity of retail drones, […]

19 Internet of Things IoT Security Startups

The recent DDoS attacks that were all over the news turned out to be caused by amateur hackers that used Internet of Things (IoT) devices to attack a company that provided key services to many popular websites. We talked about DDoS protection software as a possible solution but the real problem is that there are many […]

GE – The Industrial Internet of Things Company

We all know about the promise of the “Internet of Things” or IoT which is the vision of every object around us being connected to “the cloud“, from our cars to our phones to our homes. That notion makes sense until we came across the term “Industrial Internet of Things” or IIoT which is presumably […]

What Is a DDoS Attack and How to Profit From It

This morning we woke up to news that the U.S. has been subject to a massive DDoS attack that kept everyone from being able to read the news, watch cat videos, listen to music, play games, and conduct transactions. Suddenly we’re all asking ourselves what we would do if the Internet wasn’t available? How can […]