Making IBM Great Again With Artificial Intelligence

The larger a corporation becomes, the more processes are needed to control things, and sometimes you end up with a buzzword-laden monstrosity that’s nearly impossible to figure out. Warren Buffet often advises to “invest in what you know,” which is perhaps why IBM turned out to be one of his biggest investment mistakes. As longtime […]

IBM and Red Hat – WTF is a Hybrid Cloud?

In our last article on IBM’s activities in the area of blockchain, we talked about how difficult it is to find technology stocks for a dividend growth investing strategy. Why is that the case? It’s because technology stocks are largely growth stocks, and growth stocks can best serve investors by plowing all of their cash profits right back […]

About the IBM Blockchain Technology Platform

When it comes to finding technology stocks that are suitable for a dividend growth investing strategy, you won’t find much selection. If you filter all stocks that belong to the “information technology” sector by “number of years dividend increased > 20,” you will have just a small handful of names. The first would be Automatic Data Processing (ADP), […]

Is “IBM Watson Health Imaging” the Future of Healthcare?

A track record of prior competency that is above and beyond the norm is what hiring managers look for when they recruit “top talent”, as recruiters like to say. Usually “top talents” can command a premium in the marketplace because everybody wants to employ them. We can equate these “top talents” to top-quality stocks. You […]

What Do IBM Mainframe Computers Look Like Today?

The big news in tech stocks last week was IBM’s earnings which led to speculation that the “turnaround of IBM” has finally arrived which would signal that their CEO, Ginni Rometty, is finally making things happen after a lackluster attempt so far. While we’re shareholders in IBM (NYSE:IBM) for dividend growth reasons, we did take notice of […]

Is IBM Ready to Dominate Radiology With AI?

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are moving so fast that our team of MBAs can barely keep up. Everywhere you turn, startups are burning through venture capital funds in a mad rush to land grab as much “big data” as possible which will be used to produce the best artificial intelligence algorithms possible. Back in February […]