IBM Watson

Making IBM Great Again With Artificial Intelligence

The larger a corporation becomes, the more processes are needed to control things, and sometimes you end up with a buzzword-laden monstrosity that’s nearly impossible to figure out. Warren Buffet often advises to “invest in what you know,” which is perhaps why IBM turned out to be one of his biggest investment mistakes. As longtime […] – AI for Enterprise Applications

When you spend some time working in the corporate world, you quickly learn how difficult it is to operate a publicly traded company. Senior leadership in most corporations are often criticized for being overly compensated, but such criticisms are rarely offered up by people who truly understand how difficult the job can be. For example, try ranking […]

Is “IBM Watson Health Imaging” the Future of Healthcare?

A track record of prior competency that is above and beyond the norm is what hiring managers look for when they recruit “top talent”, as recruiters like to say. Usually “top talents” can command a premium in the marketplace because everybody wants to employ them. We can equate these “top talents” to top quality stocks. You often hear […]

Is IBM Ready to Dominate Radiology With AI?

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are moving so fast that our team of MBAs can barely keep up. Everywhere you turn, startups are burning through venture capital funds in a mad rush to land grab as much “big data” as possible which will be used to produce the best artificial intelligence algorithms possible. Back in February […]

Is Babylon’s AI Chatbot the Future of Healthcare?

Nobody likes going to the doctor. And just about everyone is addicted to chatting and texting on his or her smartphone. So it was probably only a matter of time before a company made it possible to get medical advice—even a diagnosis—from a smartphone app through a very sophisticated chat feature. London-based Babylon Health raised […]