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Expensify Stock: Making Expense Reports Great Again

The stench of American politics has gotten a whole lot worse lately in Portland, Oregon, a city with squalor that makes third-world favelas look orderly and structured. Take a drive through the city’s main arterials and you’ll quickly notice all the crudely erected structures with garbage overflowing onto the streets. Instead of addressing this gaping […]

The Wrong Way to Use AI for Recruiting

In our recent piece on The Impact of No Brokerage Fees on Retail Investors, we talked about how zero-fee stock trading along with fractional share ownership means that there is no excuse not to engage in best practices like dollar cost averaging and diversification. We also talked about how our own preferred strategy of dividend […]

The Right Way to Use Recruitment Technology

It seems like just about every tech publication cannot help themselves and feels the need to start taking a political spin. Here at Nanalyze, we avoid politics like the plague. Why? Because the United States – where the majority of our readers come from – is polarized to an extent that hasn’t been seen since the […]

7 Employee Productivity Tracking Solutions

If you work in a white-collar role – that is, you shower before work instead of afterwards – then you’re probably familiar with that person in the office that nobody can stand but everyone pretends to like. Let’s call her Sharlene. She waltzes in at around 10:15 in the morning, skim milk latte in hand, and […]

ZipRecruiter Uses AI for Job Recruiting and Searching

Last year we told you about an emerging trend in perhaps one of the dirtiest industries on the planet. No, we’re not talking about charcoal maker, animal bone charrer or even space miner. We’re talking about the use of artificial intelligence in HR recruiting. At first, we thought it was too good to be true […]

Catalyte Uses AI to Hire Better Software Engineers

Way back in 2004 when nanotechnology became a trendy topic among investors, everyone wanted to get in on the action. It’s kind of like how blockchain and cryptocurrency are today. We’re seeing numerous examples of companies that are changing their names only to see their share prices skyrocket. A great example of this was the recent […]

10 AI Startups Coming for White-Collar Jobs

In the future we may all be hooked up to stationary bicycles, like hamsters on a wheel, generating electricity for the Matrix, earning credits for food and lodging while watching reality TV game shows, reruns of Black Mirror and porn. Doesn’t sound half-bad really. There are no lack of stories foretelling the impending employment Armageddon […]

Monitoring Workplace Internet Usage with AI

We often joke about corporate slavery here at Nanalyze, but the truth is that if you’re fortunate enough to be employed at a job that involves sitting in front of a computer all day, you have a pretty easy life compared to the majority of people on this planet. In fact, a fair number of you would […]

Artificial Intelligence and Workplace Psychometric Tests

They say there are three things you shouldn’t talk about on a first date – religion, politics, and sex. These are rules we strictly adhere to at Nanalyze because every article we write is kind of like a first date for first-time readers. More importantly, our regular readers expect us to stay on point. However […]

PredictiveHire and the AI Recruiting Startup Trend

Ever notice that you can go all your life without ever seeing or hearing about a certain thing but that once you come across that particular thing, you suddenly see it everywhere? Like the actor Ryan Gosling. We never heard of this guy until recently, but now apparently Hollywood can’t make a film without including […]