Human Longevity

An Intro to Cryogenic Freezing for Humans

The fountain of youth is something that’s been pursued by humanity for centuries. Billions upon billions of dollars are wasted every year by people who aren’t even trying to be younger, but to simply just appear younger. Imagine how much money people would spend to actually be younger and consequently live longer. While there are various motivations for […]

The 5 “Aging” Startups Backed by Longevity Fund

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes“, said Benjamin Franklin, and his words still hold true today. While there are ways to mitigate the effects of taxes like Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, death is coming and our days are numbered. It seems like quite the taboo topic that nobody wants to talk about. One nurse who […]

What is a Telomere and What do Telomeres Do?

We’ve talked before about companies that are looking at solving that pesky problem we all have which is that we eventually die. The problem is that even if we can avoid cancer and heart attacks, at some point we just die because we get too old. If you think about every single problem we’re trying […]

Life Extension Science – Live Forever and Don’t Pay Taxes

They say there are only two things in life you can’t avoid – taxes and death. For our U.S. readers, you can actually avoid taxes by staying out of the country for 335 days or more. It’s called a Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and it gives you about 100K in tax-free income every single year. You’re welcome. […]

Are Elysium’s Anti Aging Pills For Real?

It’s a strange society that we live in where we’re now willing to discuss just about anything out in the open, yet the topic of death is still a taboo one. We spend ridiculous amounts of money to try and delay the onset of aging and there is no price we won’t pay to maintain our […]

Dr. J. Craig Venter’s 2 Startup Companies

When you spend a great deal of time trying to understand disruptive technologies, you will find yourself humbled on a regular basis when you see just how many smart and accomplished people there are in the world. While the media idolizes some of the most vapid and uninspiring “talent” imaginable, many geniuses slide under the radar and may never be […]

There Won’t be a Calico IPO

It’s coming up on a year since we first wrote about Google’s anti-aging startup called Calico. Last year, Google announced their intentions to invest up to $750 million into Calico, a company looking to solve one of the most common afflictions known to man; that of aging. At the time of our first article, Calico […]

Can Google’s Calico Develop a Cure for Death?

Google is an incredible company. Founded only 14 years ago, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is now the third-largest company in the world by market cap, and sits on a staggering amount of cash, over $58 billion, even more than Apple. Google’s balance sheet is so strong that on average, Google has acquired more than one company every […]

Live Longer with Human Longevity

In a recent article, we discussed Synthetic Genomics, an exciting company founded by genetics pioneer Craig Venter who created “synthetic life” and is currently attempting to patent it. Just this month, Mr. Venter announced the formation of his own company to tackle aging, Human Longevity, with the ambitious goal of “making 100 the new 60”. About […]