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6 NewSpace Startups Enabling Future Research

In quite a few of the bleaker science fiction worlds, the future is fraught with all sorts of sinister dangers, from invading aliens to varying apocalyptic visions of Easy Rider in the Outback. One of the more common villains is the Company or the Corporation—an all-powerful conglomerate that’s usually up to no good in pursuit […]

Investing in GPUs for AI – AMD GPUs vs NVIDIA GPUs

It was only 6 months ago that we wrote about “The Artificial Intelligence Stock That Rocked Wall Street” and the title of that article was hardly exaggerating. What we were referring to was the +29% jump in the price of NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) after an earnings surprise which took the share price to $88 giving the Company a […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Travel Industry

If you make your living as a corporate slave, you’re probably familiar with business travel. This is where companies like Amex fleece people provide a valuable service by selling corporate flights and hotels at the highest rates possible. It seems like at no point in the transaction do they ever consider trying to save companies money […]

How Much “AI” is there in the Veritone IPO?

It was only last week that we saw a new AI unicorn birthed alongside speculation that this AI unicorn had also confidentially filed for an IPO. This led us to pontificate a bit about how AI is not the next dot-com because this time it’s different. This time, the technology that everyone is raving about […]

The Future of Workplace Monitoring is Shocking

Maybe the biggest scam ever perpetuated in today’s modern age is to convince us to do something we would rather not be doing for 30% of our lives in exchange for a giant house full of space we don’t really need, a car that we use 5% of the time, and a 401K that will likely […]

6 Startups Solving First World Problems

If you’re not familiar with first world problems, they’re things that we consider “problems” that most people wouldn’t. When we say “most people”, what we are referring to are the 38% of the people living on this planet that live on less than $2 a day. With that in mind, please consider some of these […]

Real World Object Recognition – Just Like Terminator

When we think about the future of computer vision, we think about the ability for artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize objects in the real world, in real-time, much the same way as humans do. Every time we start talking about this concept of real-world object recognition, the listener will almost always say “you mean like […]

Is Smart Glass a Smart Investment Yet?

Does it seem like everything is becoming smarter? Soon even your toothbrush will have more computing power than the space shuttle. One smart technology that’s been around well before the term came into vogue is smart glass. But is it a smart investment yet? Smart glass, also referred to as dynamic or switchable glass, is […]

BioCatch – Behavioral Biometrics for Fraud Detection

Can you imagine traveling to the U.S. as a citizen of a foreign country and being delayed at the airport because of who you are? Having to subject yourself to additional questioning, be looked at as if you were some kind of a freak show, being discriminated against all because of some oppressive circumstance that you […]

Biometric Authentication Provides Body of Evidence

If you’re as plugged in as we are, then you probably have something like 150 online accounts. That means you probably have 150 variations of the same half-dozen login names and passwords. And chances are, you’ve gotten a message from a friend in the last few months telling you that it looks like you got […]