Healthcare Robots

7 Healthcare Robots for the Smart Hospital of the Future

Funny how quickly a little pandemic can change your perspective. For years, we’ve been writing about what kind of jobs robots will do in the future – and how many humans will end up doing value-added tasks in the unemployment line. There’s certainly some valid concern about the loss of high-paying white-collar jobs, as well […]

CMR Surgical Deploys Its Surgical Robotic System Versius

In this day and age where we’ve turned over initial medical diagnoses to artificially intelligent bots, it’s hard to imagine a time when technology did not play a central role in healthcare. Yet leeches were still considered high-tech as recently as the 19th century – and are making something of a comeback today in some […]

Stryker’s Adoption of Robotics and 3D Printing

As the Nanalyze brand continues to grow, so do the number of emails we receive on any given day. From the interesting schizophrenics that email us, to the uninteresting public relations people that think we’ll drop everything and write about their paying clients for free, people email us with all kinds of different questions. One commonly asked […]

When Will Bionic Arms Become More Affordable?

We think it’s pretty well impossible to be a geek about emerging technologies without being a science fiction fan. The best sci-fi isn’t just about hookups between ruggedly pudgy starship captains and hot, oversexed alien chicks. It’s a crystal ball into the future. Take the 1970s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man about an […]

The Future of Medical Imaging Technology for Surgery

Every entrepreneur out there who has tried to get a business off the ground knows how important execution is. Someone else can take your exact same idea, execute on it better than you, and put you out of business. One way to keep other people from using your idea is to have some intellectual property (IP) that […]

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Surgical Robotics

If you’re unfortunate enough to end up working in some unfulfilling finance role, you’ll spend the majority of your time trying to elbow your way to the front of the pack for a promotion. Then, when you finally do get that promotion, you get to listen to all your coworkers whinge about why they didn’t get promoted instead […]

Medtronic Stock After the Mazor Robotics Acquisition

“Our favorite holding period is forever,” said Warren Buffet once, and that’s the sort of mindset that we use when investing our own money. While we’re constantly coming across interesting technologies to invest in, we also see plenty companies crash and burn after everyone thought they would be the next Microsoft. If you’re going to hold […]

3 Startups Using Augmented Reality in Surgery

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel famously said, “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” The comment obviously refers to how technological promises often fall short of expectations. While there are plenty of companies building flying cars (or, as we call them, helicopters), his point is a valid one. Take the example of the behemoth […]

8 Types of Robotic Surgery Being Used Today

The world changed forever in the year 2000. After Y2K ended up being quite benign, the Dot-com bubble burst, sending stocks into a tailspin that took years of recovery. The last original Peanuts comic strip was published following the death of Charles Schulz, meaning Charlie Brown will never kiss the Little Red-Haired Girl. The billionth […]

A Robotic Hair Transplant Startup Files For IPO

There’s an old classic out there called Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, and if you have any desire to learn about the sorts of emotions you will feel as an investor then you should read it. It’s actually quite an enjoyable read for a finance book, and one of the things it points out are the various […]