Grocery Technology

Ocado Group is Becoming a Technology Stock

We thought that only a Fool would consider Amazon an artificial intelligence stock, but there’s no shortage of pundits stating the same. To be fair, it’s rather difficult to place Amazon in any GICS-type industry classification bucket. As the world’s second-largest retailer by sales, Amazon is not considered a pure-play online retailer either. The company […]

6 AI Startups Doing Physical Security

Last year, a BBC journalist put China’s massive surveillance camera system to the test. The country has about 175 million cameras, powered with artificial intelligence technologies like computer vision that can recognize faces and keep an eye on activity. Once the journalist’s photo was uploaded to the system, it took authorities about seven minutes to […]

Why Robots are Strolling the Aisles of Walmart

Since most people do their grocery shopping at normal hours during the day, they don’t see the overnight stockers that come out late at night and work until the sun comes up. They’re distinguishable by the box knives they carry around in their aprons, the scar tissue all over their hands from being cut by said […]

11 Examples of Grocery Store Technology

We’ve seen a lot of innovations over the course of the last decade but some industries are still largely behind the times, like insurance for example. Another “industry” that has seen relatively few advancements in the last few decades is the food retail industry or what we like to call “grocery”. By and large, the experience of shopping […]