Grid Storage

Primus Power’s Zinc Flow Battery Offering

The energy storage market has tremendous growth potential given the rise of intermittent renewable energy sources such solar and wind. Flow batteries are an especially attractive solution given their quick response times, environmentally friendly composition, and long lifetimes. In previous articles, we highlighted companies that are developing flow battery solutions to target the lucrative energy […]

ZBB Energy and Zinc Bromide Flow Batteries

With the strong growth in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, there comes the need for efficient battery storage for the electrical grid since these energy sources are intermittent. In a research report published last year by Lux Research titled “Finding the Perfect Partner in the Global Grid Storage Market”, the global grid storage market […]

Black Goo Flow Batteries by 24M Technologies

In previous articles on Aquion and Ambri we discussed the importance of new battery storage technologies for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Another need for improved battery technologies is in the electric vehicle space. Companies such as Altair Nanotechnologies are providing nano lithium titanate batteries to the growing electric bus company we […]

Ambri’s Liquid Metal Batteries

In an earlier article, we highlighted Aquion Energy and their saltwater battery technology. With wind and solar becoming more widely adopted, the need exists for economical energy storage solutions, in other words industrial size batteries that are scalable, cheap to produce, and can provide steady power output with variable input. 3 years ago at the inaugural […]

Aquion Energy’s Saltwater Batteries

As alternative energy sources such as wind and solar become more widely adopted, the problem of energy storage has become a hot topic since the power being provided is intermittent as is the energy being consumed. Typically, wind and solar farms are backed up by natural gas plants that can provide a level of stability […]

What’s up with Altair Nanotechnologies (ATLI)?

In the nano hype of 2004, one much talked about company was Altair Nanotechnologies (NASDAQ:ALTI). In 2002, Josh Wolfe characterized Altair as a “nano pretender” stating that Altair “had changed names more often than Oprah’s clothes”. In a follow up article 5 years later, Josh noted the restructuring of the company in 2006 and their […]