Graphite Miners are Not a Play on Graphene

Back in 2004, carbon nanotubes were all the rage among investors. Fast forward to today and now the buzzword is graphene. We’ve talked before about why there are few viable investments to be had in graphene at the moment. However since graphene is produced from graphite, many graphite mining companies are claiming that they are a […]

Focus Graphite Provides Little Exposure to Graphene

In a previous article, we mentioned how publicly traded investments in graphene are limited, although recently we have seen several graphene IPOs on AIM; Haydale (LON:HAYD) and Applied Graphene Materials (LON:AGM). We also discussed how some junior graphite mining companies are attaching themselves to the graphene story. One graphite exploration company with no revenues, Focus Graphite […]

Lomiko Metals is Hardly a Play on Graphene

In a previous article, we published in August this year called Investing in Graphene, we highlighted the fact that there are not many opportunities for investors to invest in graphene pure-plays just yet. There are a bucket of graphite junior mining companies that are quick to mention the potential of graphene, however, it is the production […]