Foreign Markets

Trading Tech Stocks on International Stock Exchanges

Trading tech stocks on international stock exchanges not only expands your investing universe but also provides a much-needed diversification effect which helps offset the inevitable volatility you’ll face when investing in any disruptive theme. In a recent article, we talked about two stocks – Elixinol and Charlotte’s Web – which offer investors exposure to the popular […]

Exchange Foreign Currencies for Free with Revolut

There used to be this commonly thrown around “statistic” about how only 20% of Americans held a passport, of course implying that they’re just a bunch of ethnocentric tools, who only understand the world through a stars-and-stripes lens. Turns out that both statements have a bit of truth to them. As recently as 2003, just […]

How to Trade Foreign Stocks on Foreign Stock Markets

While the majority of our readers hail from the United States (~66%), the second largest representation in our readership is the U.K. (8%, innit) and of course Canada is in third (5%, eh). What this means is that a majority of our readers deal primarily in U.S. equities. Finance people call this “domestic bias”, sociologists call […]