An Organic Sugar Substitute That Tastes Good

In Western cultures, there are some topics that you aren’t supposed to raise in casual conversations without people getting a little bit upset. For example, you really shouldn’t remark that someone appears to be overweight. In China, however, all bets are off. Don’t be surprised if a Chinese person tells you that you’re looking a bit fatter […]

Beyond Meat Stock Offered in IPO – Yay or Nay?

Few things are more entertaining than watching a vegan try and mime their way through ordering a meal without meat in a country like Mongolia where the waiter thinks that people who don’t eat meat have a screw loose. Still, vegans and vegetarians around the world suffer for the sake of – well, who knows – […]

Why McDonald’s May Never Use Robots to Flip Burgers

We spend the vast majority of our waking hours trying to figure out the best way to invest in disruptive technologies, but that’s not where we actually allocate the lion’s share of our investments. Instead, our hard-earned dollars can be found in boring industries like insurance or consumer goods which are more likely to provide predictable cash flows in […]

8 Startups Selling Edible Insects and Bugs

There is a Western aversion to insects in general. They are thought of as pests who transmit diseases, and we look at them with same kind of disgust we would reserve for public relations people who want us to do free work for their paid clients. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is happily munching […]