Flow Batteries

5 Energy Storage Systems for the Electrical Grid

Most of our articles about green technologies often end with the same complaint: Where are the greenbacks? Profitability in the low-carbon, environment-first economy remains largely elusive. For example, everyone is suddenly interested in carbon capture after Elon Musk backed a $100 million XPRIZE for the best solution for mitigating emissions. But, as we’ve pointed out […]

Prudent Energy’s Vanadium Flow Battery

A 2012 study conducted by Lux Research predicts that vanadium flow batteries could capture about 17 percent of the energy grid storage market by 2017, representing about $5.4 billion in potential revenue. This assumes that developers can reach a target of $750 per kilowatt-hour for a fully installed system by 2017. One company that seems […]

Imergy’s Success in Vanadium Flow Batteries

With renewable energy sources such as wind and solar becoming more economically viable, the need for large-scale energy storage is expected to grow dramatically in the next 5 years. While storing energy doesn’t sound like a very sexy investment, the staggering growth forecasts by Lux Research for grid energy storage should draw the attention of […]

World’s Largest Iron Chromium Flow Battery From Enervault

According to the Department of Energy’s global energy storage database, there are only 24 recognized flow battery installations in operation in the United States using technologies such as vanadium, zinc bromide, hydrogen bromine, and zinc-nickel oxide. One company that recently added their battery storage technology, iron chromium, to this list of successful installations is EnerVault. About […]

Progress of Redflow’s Zinc Bromide Flow Battery

The McKinsey Global Institute has listed grid storage as one of the 12 disruptive technologies that could drive truly massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years.  Lux Research projects the energy storage market to reach 114 billion by 2017. While lithium-ion batteries for power applications captured nearly 80% of the market in 2012, Lux […]

American Vanadium’s Flow Batteries

According to Lux Research, the global grid storage market is expected to rise from a mere $200 million in 2012 to $10.4 Billion in 2017. Flow batteries are an especially attractive solution given their quick response times, environmentally friendly composition, and long lifetimes. In previous articles, we highlighted the zinc flow battery offered by companies such as […]

ZBB’s Relationship with Lotte Chemical Corp

With the strong growth in renewable energy, demand is expected to grow strongly for environmentally friendly energy storage solutions with high energy densities in order to allow for significant size and weight savings over traditional batteries. In a recent article, we highlighted ZBB Energy Corporation (NYSEMKT:ZBB) and their “zinc bromine battery“ which is said to address all of […]

Primus Power’s Zinc Flow Battery Offering

The energy storage market has tremendous growth potential given the rise of intermittent renewable energy sources such solar and wind. Flow batteries are an especially attractive solution given their quick response times, environmentally friendly composition, and long lifetimes. In previous articles, we highlighted companies that are developing flow battery solutions to target the lucrative energy […]

ZBB Energy and Zinc Bromide Flow Batteries

With the strong growth in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, there comes the need for efficient battery storage for the electrical grid since these energy sources are intermittent. In a research report published last year by Lux Research titled “Finding the Perfect Partner in the Global Grid Storage Market”, the global grid storage market […]

Black Goo Flow Batteries by 24M Technologies

In previous articles on Aquion and Ambri we discussed the importance of new battery storage technologies for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Another need for improved battery technologies is in the electric vehicle space. Companies such as Altair Nanotechnologies are providing nano lithium titanate batteries to the growing electric bus company we […]