The 6 Biggest Solar Startups – Remember Solar?

Something big and orange has been promising to make the world great again for a while, and people have started to get upset lately because they don’t see it happening. People like us, who question how something so powerful and with such influence around the world hasn’t lived up to our expectations yet. The truth is that […]

How to Buy Marijuana Stocks for Dummies

Since we published our first article on cannabis investing back in January of 2016, we’ve been simply floored by the overwhelming interest from the general public in “how to buy marijuana stocks”. Seriously, that’s the question that we get asked almost daily now. How can I buy marijuana stocks? The short answer is, you need to […]

Brain Implants that Augment the Human Brain Using AI

You probably clicked on this article because the idea of using brain implants to allow artificial intelligence (AI) to read your brain sounds futuristic and fascinating. It is fascinating, but it’s not as futuristic as you might think. Before we start talking about brain implants and how to augment the human brain using AI, we need […]

Robo Advisor vs. Human Financial Advisor

In a previous article, we opined that the truth behind robo advisors is that they simply take the same private wealth management tools that a human financial advisor would always use and then automate them, simplify them, and externalize them. We tried to prove this by comparing robo advisor Betterment with Motif Investing and pointed out that in […]

An Artificial Intelligence Definition for Beginners

All-natural and organic are familiar terms to consumers, and anything artificial has become anathema to many. Unless we’re talking artificial intelligence – or AI – then investors should be hungry to learn as much as possible about a technology that is becoming as ubiquitous as organic tofu. The vast majority of nearly 2,000 experts polled […]

6 Virtual Reality Content Companies to Watch

We previously talked about 6 hot virtual reality (VR) startups, and what became apparent is that VR is going nowhere fast without virtual reality content. With Microsoft the latest company to invest its billions in virtual reality with its $300 headsets launching from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Ace launch in spring 2017, next year is shaping […]

10 Deep Learning Applications for Investors to Watch

Before tucking into some really cool deep learning applications, we need a bit of context first. Probably the most intriguing and exciting technology today is artificial intelligence (AI), a broad term that covers a swath of technologies like machine learning and deep learning. As investors, our ears perked up when we first heard about AI and we […]

30 Emerging Technologies You Need to Know About

We’ve been writing about investing in emerging technologies now for about 3 years here at Nanalyze. Prior to that, we were discussing one well-hyped emerging technology called “nanotechnology” in our Nanalyze forums around the time that George Dubyah Bush was making a big deal about nano in 2004. Up until recently, we always liked to […]