Energy Efficiency

How Smart Electric Motors Could Reduce Carbon Emissions

About two years ago we wrote about the fastest car in the world – just because we could. The thing is basically a rocket with wheels. While no doubt it offers a hell of a ride, the only place you’re taking it is on the highway to hell. Such a contraption is not very eco-friendly, […]

Bloom Energy Stock on Offer in a Planned IPO

For whatever reason, people seem to be extremely interested in Bloom Energy’s value proposition – large scale fuel cells called “Bloom Energy Servers” that turn natural gas into electricity at a cheaper cost than market rates. While fuel cells are commonly thought of for use cases like propelling vehicles or powering smartphones, Bloom Energy appears to have successfully […]

Itemizing Your Energy Bill with Artificial Intelligence

The United States is the single most privileged country on the face of this planet by far, yet inexplicably some of her citizens believe that they’re somehow oppressed. As they bask in the safe glow of their temperature controlled homes, spewing froth vitriol over the Internet using their expensive laptops and smartphones, they fail to […]

9 Smart Home Startups Reducing Your Utility Bills

Many of today’s technologies are disruptive in a first-world sort of way. Take as an example all the food delivery startups. Sure, they’re disruptive in so far as they’re creating all kinds of low-paying delivery jobs and creating new revenues streams for restaurants, but they’re hardly worth a second look when compared to truly disruptive technologies […]

Verdigris – Artificial Intelligence for Energy Efficiency

In a recent article, we wrote about 11 Smart City Solutions, we briefly touched on energy by highlighting a company called AutoGrid which creates “virtual power plants” of sorts. In this article we’re going to deep dive into the topic of using artificial intelligence (AI) for energy efficiency. It’s one of the 5 use cases […]