Elon Musk’s Hair

When Will There Ever Be a Cure for Baldness?

Jeff Bezos. John McCain. Patrick Stewart. Despite all their wealth and power, these men and many others suffer from a pandemic, one so insidious and diabolical that it strikes men (and women) of every age, position, and class. That’s right – baldness, a word that brings a tinge of fear to all people of all […]

8 Types of Robotic Surgery Being Used Today

The world changed forever in the year 2000. After Y2K ended up being quite benign, the Dot-com bubble burst, sending stocks into a tailspin that took years of recovery. The last original Peanuts comic strip was published following the death of Charles Schulz, meaning Charlie Brown will never kiss the Little Red-Haired Girl. The billionth […]

Top 8 Chinese Self-driving Electric Vehicle Startups

One could be forgiven for thinking that Tesla is the only company in existence building autonomous, or self-driving, electric vehicles. The Elon Musk hype machine, fueled by the fanboys at Futurism and other tech sites, has been in overdrive lately. Now, if the billionaire tells us his secret to regrowing hair, then we might jump […]

8 Telemedicine Startups to Watch – Half Use AI

Every year the U.S. spends $2.9 trillion in healthcare and you can rest assured that technology startups are gunning for a piece of that spend. As chatbots become better at sounding like humans, and with artificial intelligence (AI) medical imaging algorithms now performing at a level better than humans, it’s only a matter of time before […]

8 NewSpace Startups Prove it IS Rocket Science

All this talk about Elon Musk taking everyone to Mars got us to thinking about sci-fi movies that feature cool spaceships. Those of us from a certain generation favor the USS Enterprise. The new movies are a blast, even if Kirk doesn’t get the hook-up with blue-skinned alien babes like in the Shatner days. But […]

Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Dot-Com Bubble?

If you’ve played Texas Hold’em, then you know how tough it is to be a good poker player. Lots of venture capitalists like to play poker, so it wasn’t surprising to see one who thought to himself “let’s see how good artificial intelligence (AI) really is“. He consulted a team of engineers and computer scientists […]