Electronic Shelf Labels

Store Electronic Systems: An E-Ink Pure Play

In a previous article, we discussed electronic ink or E-ink and how its usage will decline as the demand for e-readers declines. On the other hand, applications such as “electronic shelf labels (ESLs)” for use in retail “bricks-and-mortar” storefronts are expected to more than offset this decline. ABI Research issued a report recently titled “Next Gen Retail: Electronic […]

Pricer’s E-Ink Electronic Shelf Labels

In an article last week titled “Investing in Electronic Ink (E Ink)“, we discussed how the decline in sales of e-readers is affecting demand for E Ink but there are still many other disruptive applications for this technology. One of these applications is “electronic shelf labels (ESLs)” for use in retail “bricks-and-mortar” storefronts. ABI Research issued […]