Electronic Health Records

Augmedix Stock – A Remote Clinical Documentation IPO

We don’t usually do this sort of stuff, but we’d like to start this article off letting everyone know about an exciting SPAC opportunity. John from Cameroon – a region in the great country of Africa – emailed us about a pre-revenue cosmetics/wood timber/software development outsourcing company that’s looking for a SPAC to have an […]

7 AI Healthcare Startups Automating Clinical Trials

It’s no secret that it’s extremely expensive to develop new drug therapies. One study estimates that pharmaceutical firms spend between $2 billion and $3 billion and more than a dozen years in R&D activities to get a new FDA-approved drug to market. An important step in the process is the clinical trial where human guinea […]

8 AI Value-Based Care Startups That Took Funding in 2019

Earlier this month we told you about our trip to Finland where we came across a handful of innovative healthcare startups. Many see emerging technologies like artificial intelligence as a way to curb sky-rocketing healthcare costs, which are expected to hit about $10 trillion globally by 2022. In the United States, which spends about $3.65 […]

An AI Technology Stock Focusing on Healthcare

Every article we write here at Nanalyze assumes the reader has no prior knowledge of technology or investing. Every article starts at ground zero, then makes its way upwards while introducing terms and concepts anyone can easily understand. While researching various companies, there are some common themes we observe. For example, disruptive technologies usually achieve rapid […]

Reinventing Medical Research Studies With Qolty

The first time you fly into Los Angeles on a clear-ish day, and look across the great concrete expanse of the city, you see a landscape that’s so barren it would seem that the only thing growing there is the crime rate. That’s not entirely true though, because as the property values in Silicon Valley […]

4 Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Stocks

In a previous article we wrote about the growing area of “electronic health records (EHRs)” or “electronic medical records (EMRs)”, both terms which are typically used interchangeably, and both of which refer to the digitalization of your medical records. The top-5 companies in this space control 42.7% of the market share while the top-20 companies command […]

The Top-5 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Companies

In a recent article, we talked about a heavily backed startup called Practice Fusion and their cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system that is freely available for use. To avoid any confusion, please note that the terms “electronic health record (EHR)” and “electronic medical record (EMR)” are typically used interchangeably. While most EMR solutions cost money, Practice […]

Why Practice Fusion Will be One Exciting IPO

In an article last week, we discussed an innovative company called Teladoc which is making doctors available 24/7 for consultations at the low price of $40 payable by credit card. One thing we noticed was that in order to use this service offering, the patient is first required to complete an electronic health record. This […]