Electric Vehicles

Why Did Electra Meccanica and Arcimoto Stocks Soar?

One of the problems that we face when talking about “green technology” and the environment is that it’s nearly impossible not to step on a political landmine these days. Because United States politics have become so divisive now, even caring for Mother Nature has been commandeered into a political talking point. Some publications that cover green […]

How Will Electric Cars Impact the Oil Industry?

It’s tough to constantly research disruptive technologies and not invest in some of the great stories we come across. Some themes such as gene editing seem like no-brainers to invest in, but then some company pulls a Bind Therapeutics and suddenly your investment evaporates before your eyes. That’s why the majority of our personal investment […]

The World’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Network

When it comes to choosing which particular stocks to invest in, the majority of first-time retail investors will approach the matter using common sense and intuition. Or so they think. It’s a problem that people in finance often refer to as “domestic bias.” That is to say, invest in what you are familiar with. For example: Marijuana […]

Chinese Electric Scooter Startup NIU Files IPO

Another week, another announcement that a Chinese tech company will go public on a U.S. stock exchange. This time around, it’s Chinese electric scooter startup NIU, which looks to raise up to $150 million when it premieres on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol NIU. We briefly crossed paths with NIU last year for our […]

When Will We Have Electric Cars with Solar Panels?

Electric vehicles have been in the news quite a bit lately – and we’re not just talking about a certain CEO who may soon be a fugitive from justice, tweeting out manifestos from an undisclosed location, about driving cherry red roadsters on Mars. You may have noticed that Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO (NIO) finally […]

Chinese Electric Vehicle Maker NIO Files IPO

Retail investors interested in the electric vehicle market can be forgiven for thinking that Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is the only company in the world that produces cars that run on electricity. The 24-7 Elon Musk show tends to drown out news about any other player in the industry. Musk’s latest stunt related to taking the company […]

The Biggest Electric Utility Company in the World

We first started thinking about the biggest electric utility company in the world when we recently wrote about how bitcoin mining works. While researching the article which focused on bitcoin mining hardware companies, we were surprised by how relevant the cost of electricity is to the profitability of bitcoin mining – which largely takes place in […]

Investing in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Whenever an exciting investment theme comes along, people will initially look for the “picks and shovels” investment opportunities. This is a reference to the fact that while everyone was trying to get rich mining gold, some clever person was making a mint selling them “picks and shovels” they could use to find gold – or not. […]

Investing in the World’s Largest Producer of Cobalt

We’re going to be upfront about this and tell you that our track record when it comes to dispensing investment advice regarding commodities isn’t the best. Our first foray into the subject was an article published in August of 2015 titled Don’t Invest in Lithium Mining Companies which focused on the fact that (at the time) […]

10 Ways China is Kicking America’s Ass in Tech

In a decade’s time, there may be a single country that the entire world looks up to more than any other. Sure, their leader might have been seen as somewhat of a dictator by some. This country may have used a wall to keep people out, and took a harsh stance towards immigrants. A look at many […]