Electric Vehicles

Gogoro Stock: Is EV Battery Swapping the Future?

We humans tend to think that anything currently fashionable or trendy never existed before, but usually that’s not the case. Take the somewhat controversial idea of swapping. The concept has been around since the Gilded Age, but never really caught on because of a lack of interest. No, not that kind of swapping. We’re talking […]

The Best eVTOL Stocks for Investors to Watch

You’re either on the bus or off the bus. That’s a quote from Ken Kesey, the leader of the Merry Pranksters, a group of early hippies and hipsters who traveled on a bus called Further in 1964 and introduced LSD to the party scene. Kesey’s comment was both an inside joke – often one of […]

Microvast Stock is a Pure Play on EV Battery Technology

Few things seem to get our readers more charged up than articles about battery technology. (Thankfully, they also generously forgive the occasional bad pun.) Did you know that the first battery potentially dates back to 200 BC in Mesopotamia? The so-called Baghdad battery used a clay pot, an iron bar, copper plating, and a solution […]

Why is Arrival Stock Falling? It’s Complicated.

The old saying about necessity being the mother of invention is particularly true in countries where resources are scarce. If you want to board a bus in Havana, Cuba, you’ll see a group of people milling about at the bus stop. Just walk up to them and say “el ultimo” loudly. Someone will raise their […]

Will These Six eVTOL Stocks Ever Take Off?

Tech investors who are tenured enough to recall the dot-bomb days may also remember the hype surrounding a personal transportation device that was said to disrupt walking. Investors lined up to throw money at the vehicle hailed as being “maybe bigger than the Internet” by notable venture capitalist John Doerr. “As big a deal as […]

Blade Air Mobility Stock and Urban Air Mobility

Want to know the fastest way to make a million dollars? Invest a billion dollars in an airline. That old quip best describes how difficult it is to operate a profitable airline consistently over time. And that was before nature threw some Rona into the mix. Assuming that the pandemic will soon be behind us, […]

Plug Power Stock: Why We’re Not Buying It

Investing in a stock without knowing what the company does is a mistake made by newbies and experienced investors alike. Whether you’re investing in stories or chasing performance, it’s important to look under the hood of every stock you invest in to understand the risks involved. Stocks that are constantly being hyped by the Reddit […]

7 EV Battery Stocks for Green Tech Investors

Electric vehicles are basically cool-looking batteries with wheels. The EV revolution wouldn’t be possible without the advances made in lithium battery technologies – but there’s still a long way to go. Take the Tesla Model 3, the most affordable model in the company’s lineup. The battery packs weigh in around 1,000 pounds and cost somewhere […]

Three Fuel Cell ETFs for the Hydrogen Economy

The efficient market hypothesis states that all available information is priced into the market. If new information becomes available, stock prices will react accordingly, sometimes in a dramatic fashion. This often happens when companies meet or fail to meet guidance. Trading on information before it becomes available – insider trading – is illegal. Therefore, stocks […]

6 Electric Vehicle Charging Stocks For Green Investors

Last month, our crack squad of MBAs did what most media outlets do at the end of the year: We chilled with some Gelato #33 and reflected on where we’ve been and where we’re going. This especially applied to our Disruptive Technology Portfolio and how it will evolve in 2022 alongside our risk-averse tech investing […]