Electric Scooters

How Smart Electric Motors Could Reduce Carbon Emissions

About two years ago we wrote about the fastest car in the world – just because we could. The thing is basically a rocket with wheels. While no doubt it offers a hell of a ride, the only place you’re taking it is on the highway to hell. Such a contraption is not very eco-friendly, […]

Chinese Electric Scooter Startup NIU Files IPO

Another week, another announcement that a Chinese tech company will go public on a U.S. stock exchange. This time around, it’s Chinese electric scooter startup NIU, which looks to raise up to $150 million when it premieres on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol NIU. We briefly crossed paths with NIU last year for our […]

Electric Scooter Sharing Companies – Bird, Lime, & Spin

When it comes to staying abreast of disruptive technologies, we’re often blown away by the speed in which they are adopted. Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved from something people had only just heard about to mainstream in just several years. But that’s nothing like what’s happening in the world of electric scooter sharing companies. The Business […]

8 Electric Scooters for Adults That Are Street Legal

While we’re sitting here stewing in all our first world problems, half the people in the world are trying their hardest to eke out a bare existence with a meager $2.50 a day. While we piss and moan about not having enough investing opportunities for the coming age of artificial intelligence, other people are just […]

Out With the Segway, In With the Ninebot One

You’ve probably all seen a Segway, the two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle, in use by police officers, tour companies, and for other niche uses. For those that can recall, the much hyped release of the Segway in 2001 was expected to disrupt the personal transportation industry. However the Segway never really took off and was sold in April […]