Electric Motorcyles

LiveWire: A Pure-Play Electric Motorcycle Stock

Certain brands have unspoken connotations that society universally agrees upon. It’s why you never see a jacked-up dude driving a Prius with a dime piece in the passenger seat. A Prius is for the single guy with a dozen female friends he spends time courting, none of whom would touch him with a ten-foot pole. […]

A Durable 2X2 Electric Utility Vehicle From UBCO

A few years ago we did a piece on electric motorcycles which proved to be quite popular with our readers. In that article, we looked at the Harley Davidson electric bike (now available for $30,000),┬áthe world’s fastest motorcycle which happens to be electric (built to order according to your specs and┬ástarting at $38,888), and some […]

7 Electric Motorcycles You Can Buy From Startups Today

Do you like motorcycles? Do you like saving the environment? Then maybe what you need is one of these electric motorcycles from Harley Davidson that are cool AF: You know that thing belongs in your garage, and you can get it past the wife by showing her pictures of this cute panda that you’re helping […]