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The Intellia Therapeutics IPO – Editas vs. Intellia

In a recent article, we talked about whether to invest in gene editing or synthetic biology. The answer is, you can easily invest in both of these disruptive technologies by simply buying shares in just two companies; Intrexon (NYSE:XON) and Editas Medicine (NASDAQ:EDIT). Just last week however, things heated up a bit with Intellia Therapeutics […]

Invest in Gene Editing or Synthetic Biology?

The big news this past week was something so significant and remarkable that it should have been the topic of conversation at every water cooler everywhere. While Microsoft’s AI bot tweeted out racial insults to anyone that would listen, and the circus of U.S. presidential election candidates exchanged even more schoolyard insults, a genius named Craig Venter […]

Gene Editing Company Editas Files for IPO

2016 hasn’t started out too well for equity investors, with the S&P 500 dropping -6% in the first week of 2016 trading alone. This doesn’t bode well for IPOs, especially for biotech IPOs, which were hot in 2015 but have been punished as of late. One of our most popular articles in the past few months has […]

7 Gene Editing Companies Investors Should Watch

A gene editing technology called CRISPR has been called “The Biggest Biotech Discovery of the Century” by the MIT Technology Review and Forbes magazine has said that this technology could change biotech forever. Some surprising news came out of China this week, when it was announced that Chinese scientists had utilized CRISPR to alter the DNA […]

CRISPR Genome Editing from Editas

Dr. George Church, is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard and widely considered to be a pioneer in synthetic biology. In previous articles, we have highlighted companies he is involved in including genome interpretation company Knome which he co-founded and Joule, a synthetic biology company producing diesel fuel and ethanol directly from sunlight, where he sits as […]