Drug Discovery

A Computational Chemistry IPO From Schrodinger

Elon Musk once said that there’s a one in a billion chance we’re not living in a simulation. Sounds far-fetched until you start digging into simulation theory a bit. It’s backed by theories from leading academics, like Nick Bostrom’s “simulation argument,” which presents three likelihoods, each equally frightening to ponder. To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, it is […]

Insilico Medicine Becomes the Face of AI Drug Discovery

In many industries, there’s usually one or two companies that become nearly synonymous with their particular market. One of the most obvious examples is Coca Cola (KO). Think about it: We still refer to a soda as a coke, even though the soft drink manufacturer allegedly abandoned using cocaine in its formulation long ago. In […]

Simulating Cancer Cells Using Artificial Intelligence

Hoteliers in Hungary must be loving life right about now. In 2018, Hungary set a record of 31 million hotel nights booked by tourists. From obnoxious British stag do goers to snap-happy Chinese mainlanders, the streets of Budapest – that’s Hungary’s capital city for the geographically challenged – are chock full of people enjoying the “Paris of the […]

Virtual Reality for Drug Discovery is for Real

In 2016, the unthinkable happened. Pundits had been predicting a major shakeup was coming that would change the future. Yes, that’s right: The new wave of commercial virtual reality headsets finally hit the market, led by Oculus VR. And then not much changed after the peak year of 2016 when venture capitalists pumped $857 million […]

Universal Flu Vaccine: Can Biotech Companies Deliver?

We love animals here at Nanalyze. We once considered doling out a few hundred dollars for the 30-second opportunity to hold a panda in China, but then figured the money would be better spent on visiting cannabis clubs in Europe. But you know what animal we won’t touch? A squirrel. Why? Those little buggers carry […]

6 Ways Patients Can Find Clinical Trials Worldwide

For most people, death is a very uncomfortable topic and not likely to come up in normal conversations. Still, we’re all going to be faced with it so maybe it’s best we become more comfortable discussing things like “the c word”. Those of us fortunate enough to have some advance notice of our demise, such as […]

Science37 Brings Clinical Trials into Your Home

While it seems like drug companies can’t develop drugs fast enough to meet demand these days, the Chinese sorted themselves out centuries ago. Most Americans probably don’t know much about Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. It’s a practice that is both complex and fascinating, dating back more than 2,500 years, and which is probably looked upon with […]

The FDA Drug Approval Process Simply Explained

In reviewing drug development companies, investors often come across terminology such as “Phase 2 clinical trials” or “filing of an IND application”. The entire process can be quite confusing and it is important to understand the specific phases that a new drug needs to go through in order to receive approval to be marketed and […]