Driverless Cars

The Autonomous Vehicle Companies in the Self-Driving Race

If you needed any further proof of how unhinged the stock market has become, just look at the outsized and outlandish IPO for DoorDash (DASH) this week. The company stands at a $70 billion market cap for food delivery. On paper, that makes DoorDash more valuable than General Motors (GM), one of the world’s oldest […]

6 New Perception Systems for AI Self-Driving Cars

We recently caught an indie film called At Eternity’s Gate about the artist and ear fetishist Vincent van Gogh. The painter suffered from mental illness, and the movie attempted to capture his brilliant but mad vision through various camera tricks that were intended to mimic van Gogh’s own impressionistic aesthetic. It made us a little […]

Teaching AI Self-Driving Cars to Drive Using Simulations

Back in September, one of the world’s most brilliant, ballsy, and just downright crazy billionaires, Elon Musk, said that our current reality is most likely a simulation created by a much more advanced civilization. Of course, that was the same talk show on which we later learned that Musk had ripped on a fat blunt, so […]

10 Most Funded Self-Driving Startups in 2017

While waiting on the rooftop of the Chrysler Building for our autonomous flying taxi to arrive, we realized a couple of things. First, there’s no rooftop on the Chrysler Building. Second, we’ll probably be waiting for a while. The arrival of autonomous vehicles—flying or otherwise—seems like it should be just around the corner. The reality […]

Nauto – Autonomous Driving Data from Real Drivers

Lately we seem to see lots of mixed signals about where this latest bull market is headed. On one hand, we’d like to believe that the vast efficiencies we’ll realize with artificial intelligence algorithms place us on the cusp of the biggest bull market mankind has ever seen. On the other hand, some of the […]

9 Startups Developing LiDAR Sensors for Cars

Everyone’s an armchair company leadership expert on Twitter these days, and no company has been given as much free leadership advice as Uber. From an investor’s perspective, one of Uber’s biggest problems is that there are no barriers to entry in the ride-sharing business. Uber has no real intellectual property that prevents anyone from offering a similar ride-sharing […]

What a Driverless Taxi Company Will Look Like

Pretty much every single major auto company is pouring money into developing a driverless car with plenty of startups looking to play in this space as well. We also have companies like Zoox that are looking to build a driverless taxi from the ground up. This is perhaps one of the most ambitious companies out there […]

5 New Self Driving Car Companies

The notion of cars that drive themselves is one that becomes more and more real with each passing day. Acquisitions seem to be happening left and right, and almost every major auto manufacturer is devoting resources to bring us a self driving car. Companies like Google, Uber, and Tesla are all devoting significant investments to the self driving […]

Who is Velodyne and What is LiDAR?

The idea of an autonomous car is exciting as it promises to reduce traffic-related deaths, however, it also threatens to displace the +220,000 taxi drivers in the U.S. alone, not to mention other countries as well. While the fully autonomous car may still be +5 years away, we’re already starting to see autonomous vehicles commercialized and a fair number […]

Zoox and The Self Driving Taxi

Elon Musk recently commented that someday soon we will use our smartphones to summon electrically powered, self-driving taxis that will operate in much the same way Uber does today. The difference will be that without a driver, these self-driving taxis will be less likely to get in a road accident, navigate more intelligently, cost less, you […]