DNA phenotyping

A Blood Test That Uses Next-Generation Sequencing

If you arrived at this story wondering if someone had found a new way to detect the coronavirus, we’re sorry to disappoint you. This article has no direct connection to the pandemic that is emptying your 401K and threatening the lives of your grandparents, except that we will be talking about viruses, bacteria, and other […]

How Your Polygenic Risk Score Can Predict Disease

One of the most famous principles in classical philosophy (one of our MBAs double-majored in case the whole business degree didn’t work out) is called Occam’s razor. It states that one should not make more assumptions than are needed to explain a certain phenomenon. In other words, start with the simplest answer first. This is […]

Parabon Nanolabs and DNA Phenotyping

Just last week, a rather remarkable bit of news came out which was not widely reported but certainly unprecedented. One of the largest marketing communication firms in the world, Ogilvy & Mather, initiated a marketing campaign in Hong Kong called “The Face of Litter”. Using the “Snapshot” DNA phenotyping services of a company called Parabon […]