Digital Medicine

5 Reasons Why Theranos Could IPO Soon

The term “unicorn” is often bandied about in the venture capital community and refers to a privately held startup company that has reached a $1 billion valuation. The biggest unicorn in the meadow today happens to be Xiamoi, the hardware company that backed Ninebot and which has managed to achieve a valuation of 46 unicorns […]

Will a NantHealth IPO Happen in 2015?

In a June 2014 article, we highlighted a company called NantHealth, led by Patrick Soon-Shiong who is the wealthiest American in the healthcare industry having amassed a fortune of $7.2 billion for building and selling  Abraxis Biosciences and American Pharma Partners. NantHealth is building what is referred to as the “clinical operating system” (cOS) which promises to revolutionize cancer treatment through aggregating and analyzing […]

Will NANTHEALTH Revolutionize the U.S. Healthcare System?

In evaluating the merits of a company, one promising indication of future success is to look at the pedigree of the company’s leadership. This is where most over-the-counter stocks fail miserably, and this is also where success can beget further success for tenured executives who have proven their talents for creating value. One man, Patrick […]

Wireless Drug Delivery Using MicroCHIPS

“The Internet of Things” is a term often used to refer to the fact that more and more objects are becoming embedded with sensors that give them the ability to communicate via the Internet. In an article last year, we highlighted a company called Proteus Digital Health that is developing “digital medicine” which can directly confirm its […]

Propeller Health Helps Patients Breathe Easier

“The Internet of Things“,  an often-used phrase coined in 1999, simply means that more and more objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate via the Internet. In a previous article, we discussed Proteus Digital Health and how they are introducing “digitally-enabled medicine” through the use of tiny wireless sensors. Another good example of this concept applied […]

Digital Medicine from Proteus

In a May 2013 report published by McKinsey Global Institute, 12 disruptive technologies were listed that could drive truly massive transformations in the coming years. One of the technologies listed in this report was “The Internet of Things“. Coined in 1999, this often used phrase while sounding mystical simply means that more and more objects […]