6 Quantum Computing Companies to Watch

One of the many problems we face with quantum computing, aside from getting it to work in the first place, is to prove that it’s actually doing quantum computing. In other words, we’re trying to make quantum computing “work” right now but we don’t know how to tell if it’s done something quantum because we […]

Investing in Quantum Computing with D-Wave

If your job is to provide insights on how to invest in disruptive technologies like we do here at Nanalyze, then it’s inevitable that you’ll be asked about what investments to make in any number of situations. These types of questions open up ginormous cans of worms. For example, a common question we get is “would […]

The Mandela Effect and D-Wave Quantum Computers

We’ve been writing a fair amount about all things quantum in the past few years, in particular, quantum computing. We spend a lot of time researching technology themes in hopes of finding the “next Microsoft” so to speak. While doing all this research, we sometimes come across emerging technologies that just make us nerd out hardcore. There really is […]

3 Ways to Invest in D-Wave Stock Right Now Pre-IPO

Quantum computing promises to turn Moore’s Law on its head with exponentially faster computing times than we are capable of today. Canadian quantum computing startup D-Wave made headlines recently by taking a problem that would take 10,000 years to solve with conventional computing and then solving it in seconds. This would imply that quantum computing is […]

Investing in Quantum Computing with TINY and D-Wave

We’ve talked before about disruptive technology venture capital fund Harris and Harris Group (NASDAQ:TINY) and their dismal share price performance over time. We’ve also highlighted that any single successful exit for one of TINY’s larger investments could be quite beneficial for TINY’s shareholders. Let’s take a look at an investment by Harris and Harris Group […]