Zero Sign-on – Replacing Passwords with Smart Phones

Making sure someone is who they say they are – also referred to as authentication – is something that’s frequently conducted by soliciting the user with a string of characters that only that user is supposed to know. In an age where we’re creating synthetic life, this primitive method of authentication has changed very little. The requirements […]

10 Medical Device Cybersecurity Startups

As medical devices become more pervasive, there’s an increasing concern about cybersecurity. Cyber-attacks have been targeting practically every connected device available in the market today, with an average of one hack attempt every 39 seconds. Medical devices being hacked also damages brand reputation very quickly. (The notion of someone stealing your password is a whole lot […]

What is Ethical Hacking? A Look at 3 Types of Startups

Remember when actor Matthew Broderick was cool and didn’t have a dad bod? That was the 1980s, when he did movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and WarGames. In the latter, he plays a computer hacker who breaks into a government supercomputer and nearly starts a nuclear war amid some lighthearted hijinks. More than three […]

AI for Web and Mobile App Security Testing

People who work in Software Quality Assurance (SQA) are responsible for ensuring that a piece of software is built to specification (internal requirements) and that what was built matches what the user needs (external requirements). It’s a very unrewarding job because even if you manage to achieve zero defects, you’re just seen as doing your job. […]

Blackberry – An Enterprise of Things Stock

If you’ve ever been in a business strategy class, you’ve probably been asked the big question. What’s the number one thing that a business needs to do? You might hear answers that talk about profitability, shareholders, and revenues. Those are all answers that make sense, but they’re not the right answer. The number one thing […]

2 Cybersecurity Stocks Using Artificial Intelligence

It’s been just over a year since we published an article titled “Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks is BS” and already it’s becoming dated. We’re starting to see more and more companies bringing AI front and center to their overall strategies. AI is the new oil, and soon everyone will use it simply to […]

6 AI Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2018

If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is safe. Some poor MBA home alone for the holidays is probably still crunching the final numbers, but this year will likely turn out to be one of the worst in terms of cybersecurity breaches. Almost two billion records were lost or stolen globally in the […]

7 Startups That Want to Replace All Your Passwords

In a recent article, we talked 6 Digital Identity Verification Startups to Check Out and noted the importance of knowing who is on the other end of a transaction. Once you’re authenticated though, security then falls on your ability to provide a unique set of characters referred to as a password. If you think about it […]

7 Startups Working to Secure Communications

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic, and we’ve talked about some of the biggest players out there along with startups that are targeting niche applications like mobile and IoT. In its most basic form however, cybersecurity needs to provide a method for one or more parties to send messages and communicate securely. You probably […]

8 Mobile Security Startups Using Artificial Intelligence

If you are fortunate to work as a corporate slave, then you’re probably familiar with the acronym BYOD which stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. The idea was that since everyone was carrying around their personal smartphone and their work issued smartphone, why not just combine the two so that employees have a better experience? That’s the […]