6 AI Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2018

If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is safe. Some poor MBA home alone for the holidays is probably still crunching the final numbers, but this year will likely turn out to be one of the worst in terms of cybersecurity breaches. Almost two billion records were lost or stolen globally in the […]

7 Startups That Want to Replace All Your Passwords

In a recent article, we talked 6 Digital Identity Verification Startups to Check Out and noted the importance of knowing who is on the other end of a transaction. Once you’re authenticated though, security then falls on your ability to provide a unique set of characters referred to as a password. If you think about it […]

7 Startups Working to Secure Communications

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic, and we’ve talked about some of the biggest players out there along with startups that are targeting niche applications like mobile and IoT. In its most basic form however, cybersecurity needs to provide a method for one or more parties to send messages and communicate securely. You probably […]

8 Mobile Security Startups Using Artificial Intelligence

If you are fortunate to work as a corporate slave, then you’re probably familiar with the acronym BYOD which stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. The idea was that since everyone was carrying around their personal smartphone and their work issued smartphone, why not just combine the two so that employees have a better experience? That’s the […]

4 AI Cybersecurity Startups Using Predictive Analytics

Another month and another worldwide cyberattack. The latest ransomware scourge appears to have used hacking tools developed by the friendly, if nosey, folks at the U.S. National Security Agency. This is far worse than when the malware from the porn site you’ve been streaming from floods your computer screen with clickbait ads. This time the […]

How to Invest in the Singularity – It’s Near

If you’re reading this then the odds are that you’re probably in a high income bracket. We don’t control these things, that’s just what our metrics tell us. If you fit that demographic, that means you may have a private wealth manager who manages your money. If that individual suggests an optimal allocation across low-fee index funds, then […]

Cybersecurity Startup CrowdStrike Joins Unicorn Club

Nothing like worldwide cyber-attacks and a computer hack into a major political party’s servers to motivate investors. We’re not suggesting that cybersecurity startup CrowdStrike didn’t earn its entry this month into the vaunted Unicorn Club with hard work, but the recent uptick in cyberwarfare is certainly good for the bottom line. Apparently paranoia won’t just […]

Darktrace Creates Enterprise Immune System Using AI

It seems like every other day there is news of some massive security breach resulting in people’s login credentials being scattered all over the digital universe usually accompanied by embarrassing mea culpa statements issued by company executives promising they will “try to do better”. Is it really that difficult to keep things secure? As it […]

6 AI Cybersecurity Startups Keeping You Safe

The war between machines won’t likely be fought across some bomb-blasted hell-scape, with humans scuttling about like roaches trying to avoid being squashed. Rather, machines will fight it out over fiber optic connections, with the battleground being computer servers and laptops containing valuable information. You’ll recall that monochromatic pantsuits weren’t Hilary Clinton’s only problem: Russia […]

19 Internet of Things IoT Security Startups

The recent DDoS attacks that were all over the news turned out to be caused by amateur hackers that used Internet of Things (IoT) devices to attack a company that provided key services to many popular websites. We talked about DDoS protection software as a possible solution but the real problem is that there are many […]