Customer Relationship Management

10 AI Startups Coming for White-Collar Jobs

In the future we may all be hooked up to stationary bicycles, like hamsters on a wheel, generating electricity for the Matrix, earning credits for food and lodging while watching reality TV game shows, reruns of Black Mirror and porn. Doesn’t sound half-bad really. There are no lack of stories foretelling the impending employment Armageddon […]

8 POS Payment Technology Startups to Check Out

If you ever get a chance to live abroad, see if you can make your way over to Hong Kong. It’s an absolutely fascinating place to live. If you were taking the bus home this week snacking on a mooncake, you might have seen the police blocking the road near Pok Fu Lam because of a […]

9 Cannabis Startups with Seed-to-Sale Solutions

We remember the days before Big Marijuana, when buying weed was much easier. We would pull up a block or two away from a seedy house in a rundown neighborhood. The front yard probably hadn’t been mowed since Nixon was president. Our dealer was named Weeda. For $25, she would hand over a quarter-ounce of […]

6 Artificial Intelligence Startups Customizing CRM

Every customer interaction creates an opportunity. Whether for information, sales, help or something else, companies today need to know what their customers want or, more precisely, through artificial intelligence-based customer relations management (CRM), what they want and when they want it. In an article published earlier this year about 8 Artificial Intelligence Startups Improving CRM, we showed […]

Affirm – A Leading Point of Sale Finance Provider

If you were born and raised in the United States and you decide to move to another country, one of the first things you’ll notice is just how focused Americans are on accumulating “stuff”. In fact, a great deal of motivation to make money appears to be that we observe people with money have more stuff. Some people go […]

Zeta Global and AI Powered Email Marketing

No matter what your firm sells, you need to first qualify the customer who you’re trying to sell to. Take car salesman as an example. These people are largely a drain on our society, but even they know that the most important thing is finding out if you’re a serious buyer as quick as possible. […]

Baker – CRM Software for Marijuana Dispensaries

The strange thing about drugs is that people who don’t do them at all have a totally different view than your occasional recreational drug user. Those people who have never puffed a joint might understandably equate a puff of marijuana with a hit of acid. Recreational drug users know that the inability to distinguish which drugs are the […]

Newest AI Unicorn Afiniti Reportedly Preparing For IPO

We first talked about AI unicorns earlier this year, and now the tech world’s newest AI unicorn is reportedly already looking to make the leap to IPO as early as this year. The news broke last week that Afiniti, which uses artificial intelligence to match call center employees with customers in a sales version of […]

8 Artificial Intelligence Startups Improving CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Sounds like a self-help group for frustrated call center employees. Not quite. Rather, it’s a catch-all term for how companies manage customer interactions and data. It covers strategies involving everything from customer service to sales. Each incoming phone call or email may contain an overwhelming amount of data that a mere […]