Credit Scores

Upstart Stock – A Play on AI-Powered Consumer Lending

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming so pervasive that it now comes in 28 different flavors, each of which has companies claiming to operate in that space. Any entrepreneur knows there’s a bit of “fake it until you make it” going on in all startups, but at some point, you need to show traction. In the […]

The Biggest Fintech Company in the World

In our recent article on the 10 Biggest Artificial Intelligence Startups in the World, we noted that half were from China and three out of ten were fintech startups. The large number of fintech startups cropping up in areas such as cross-border payments, retirement planning, and investing platforms, are threatening the traditional banking system as it has […]

Upstart Loans with Interest Rates Calculated by AI

We’ve written before about how artificial intelligence is powering a “new credit score” which is based on 100s of data points that are not reflected in your traditional FICO credit score. The ability to assess your likelihood to pay back a loan is a win-win for everyone. The lender wins because they have fewer loans that […]

AI, Big Data, and Your New Credit Score

One thing that is common among most Americans is that they love to buy isht on credit. That inclination is only growing with the passage of time, in part, due to low interest rates and because there is just so much cool stuff to buy and so little money on hand. Here’s a look at […]