Consumer Robots

Roborock vs iRobot vs Ecovacs – The Robot Vacuum Wars

The worries never end when you’re a CEO. First, you lose sleep over not having dominant market share in your industry. When you’ve achieved that, you lose even more sleep over who might steal it from you. Maintaining market share is critically important because fending off competitors as a market leader is easier. Should you […]

Robotics and AI Assist in Caring for the Elderly

As Mick Jagger famously sang, “What a drag it is getting old”. Though with a net worth of about $360 million and holding court in the pantheon of rock-n-roll gods, Mick Jagger is probably greying about as well as anyone could at age 74. He certainly will have nothing to worry about when the day […]

Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots from Brain Corp

Those of us who are old enough to remember the dot-com days know what it feels like at the peak of technology hype. Maybe we’ll never see a state of irrational exuberance like that again, but at least we had a chance to see what real hype looks like. The Gartner Hype Cycle refers to this as the […]

7 Cool Robots that are Way Cooler than You

We’re starting to see a strong uptick in interest from investors about robots as a potentially lucrative investment theme. While we’ve provided you with plenty of information about how to invest in robots and robotics, there are some really cool robots being developed that may not be “the next Microsoft“, but are a good indication of what’s possible. ElliQ […]

Humanoid Robots Are At Your Service

First, a few lines about what this post on humanoid robots is not about. Despite the headline, it’s not about sex robots. We’re not judging you; it’s just not our thing. And it’s not about humanoid robots that double as very expensive karaoke machines. The latest bipedal (and wheeled) bots being developed and manufactured are […]

11 Home Robots That You Don’t Need At All

If robots are going to take away all our jobs, then we should also make sure to design some home robots to do all our domestic chores as well. In fact, there are quite a few applications already for domestic robotics in the home though we’d argue that half of them are pushing the definition […]

Robot Kits for Kids and Cool Robots That Dance

You might be scared about robots that could steal your job, but what about cool robots that teach you how to do yoga or robot kits for kids to learn and play with? Apparently a whole bunch of rich investors think there’s a niche for these types of entertainment robots because both are being built by a “Chinese robotics unicorn”. We […]

Investing in Consumer Robotics with iRobot (IRBT)

In a recent article, we highlighted a mobile robotic telepresence (MRT) company called Double Robotics which is addressing a niche application of robotics called “mobile robotic telepresence” or MRT. MRT is one of the two niche applications for robotics that falls under the “consumer business” segment, the other being home cleaning and maintenance. One publicly-traded company that all but […]

Double Robotics Puts Robots in Your Office

Robots are probably the most pervasive futuristic technology portrayed in science fiction. The general public probably thinks of robot applications today in the form of machines that build cars, receptionists at offices in Japan, automatic vacuum cleaners, Indian call center agents, and even drones. However, the potential applications for intelligent machines that can do things […]